Contracting Experience

Please Note: This document illustrates my proven ability to quickly adapt to a new environment and tackle challenging problems. This reflects only a "tip of the iceberg" from my extensive background! I pride myself on being "SOLUTION" based and "RESULT" oriented.

"It's not just WHAT I've done that's so impressive, It's WHO I've done it for . . . . . which speaks for itself!"

* Excellent references available upon request *

Seagram's - Universal Music Group (& Compaq) - Germany Wide
A £90 Milo. project covering over 44 countries together with Compaq Computer Systems. Under the guise of a Y2K project, they were updating over 10K PCs worldwide to a common standard platform (Win98/Netware5) with distribution using ZenWorks. Representing Compaq, I was responsible for all of Germany (over 5 locations & 2000 users) in a Senior Project Lead role in a politically challenging environment (high profile). I was chosen for my German language skills and my experience in large scale Senior project roles. Managing a team of over 8 people, my main responsibility was to ensure integration of non-standard and in-house developed applications into the "core" standardized distribution. Despite aggressive time constraints, we were able to achieve full integration and testing prior to a live deployment of new systems in time. Several mainstream technologies were involved (too many to mention).

DeTeSystem (Daughter of Deutsche Telekom) - Frankfurt, Germany
Servicing several prominent customers throughout Germany (ie: BMW, Otto Versand, Desdner Bank) - I worked as a Senior Project Manager on a complex network management system customized for each customer using a product called MicroMuse NetCool . This product requires intimate knowledge of several other network management systems (Tivoli, SystemView/NetView, Spectrum, etc.) Coordinating the efforts of a small team (4), I established procedures and created management reports. I helped establish management probes for some customers. Also drove a special development project.

Digital Equipment Corp. , - Valbonne, France
A global computer organization which has a network control facility in Valbonne (near Nice, France). They have a large global customer, Ciba Chemicals, which outsourced the worldwide network support for the network monitoring and infrastructure. I was brought in for a concentrated several week period to assess the chronic issues plaguing the Ciba network and the user community. Specifically, there were OSPF, Frame Relay and other serious router problems on the global network. There was also a high level assessment to evaluate and report on policies, procedures and organizational issues that were challenging Digital in supporting their customer. I liased between various internal and external groups (British Telecom - frame relay issues, Microsoft - NT WINS related, etc). A high level report was produced and presented to the Senior management which outlined several observations and suggestions to improve operations. This was a Senior IT Management consulting role - very high profile!

McAfee Associates, Inc. , - European Professional Services - Amsterdam
Well known software company best known for its virus scanning software. They also have Enterprise wide HelpDesk, Network Inventory, Management, Diagnostics, and Software distribution packages. Recently merged with Network General and are now called Network Associates. They were slightly under resourced and needed somebody to help in a Senior level consultant role installing and training large customers on their products. The program is called Jump Start, and is usually 5 - 10 days worth of consulting. Customers I have personally worked with were Pünder, Volhard, Weber & Axter (3rd largest lawfirm in Germany), Giesecke & Devrient (they produce various currencies including the German DM) and EuroWings (relatively small airline in Germany). McAfee's products work on various platforms (Novell, SQL, NT, SMS, Win95) and require a broad technical background.

Philip Morris , GmbH - Munich, Germany
Largest tobacco company worldwide (Malboro), owns Miller brewing company, Kraft Foods, General Foods, Oscar Meyer and Freia Marabou (chocolates) to name a few. Worked on a Germany wide network management project. Initially the project was based on IBM AIX platform with NetView (SystemView), CiscoWorks and Cabletron SPMA products. After strategic comparisons and testing, a shift was made towards Cabletron Spectrum enterprise products running on both AIX and Windows NT multiprocessor machines. I was responsible for evaluation, testing, configuration and deployment of the management platforms in Munich, Berlin and Dresden. Key systems used TCP/IP, IPX, SNMP, RMON and DNS (to name a few). Mixed environment of token-ring and ethernet, Cabletron and Cisco equipment. Also involved with internet connectivity and firewall testing, Dial in/out ISDN project and troubleshooting various Novell, Win95 and NT 4.0 related issues. Also Y2K issues. This position originally was a 3 month contract - but was extended several times totalling 1 year!

Unilever, PLC (Lever France) - Paris, France
Multi-national company, worldwide installations and enterprise network. Major player in food, detergents, personal care products, and parfumes. Well known brands like Dove, Omo, Lipton, Elizabeth Ardon, Calvin Klein, Lagerfeld, Magnum, etc. Based in Paris, I traveled and installed 8 countries throughout Europe. Also supported the additional 8 countries from Paris. Installations included OS/2 1.3 & 2.1, Lotus Notes server & clients, DEC Pathworks (DECNET), Windows 3.1, Novell IPX/SPX, Lan Manager 2.1, and various other software. Multi-protocol environments. In addition, helped troubleshoot WAN communications issues, server performance optimization, remote administration issues, etc.

BHP Minerals - San Francisco, CA (Broken Hill Proprieties - Australia)
International organization headquartered in Australia, primary business is mining, steel and petroleum. Traveled to remote offices (Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, London & Rio) upgrading all PC systems for standardization and migration from WordPerfect/Lotus 123 products to MicroSoft Office. Also established MSMAIL products for conversion from cc:Mail. Documented each site and optimized all configurations. Resolved outstanding computer problems in each location. Installed Lotus Notes servers and workstations. Performed major cleanup of existing Novell environments and eradicated any viruses. Managed & trained a team of seven consultants on a tightly scheduled project to upgrade 300+ machines in the SF office to WFW and MSMAIL. Solved key technical issues related to NT Servers and Cisco router configurations.

Matson Leasing Company (Xtra-Corp) - San Francisco, CA
Formally owned by Matson Shipping Lines. Worldwide shipping container leasing firm. Originally started with workstation configuration and consolidation project in San Francisco. Resolved configuration issues with Novell, OS/2, WFW and Xcellenet package. Established companywide configuration policies. Traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia (17 countries in all!) deploying the standard workstation configurations over two months. Also, played a key role in design of world-wide TCP/IP network using Cisco products and SITA network services.

Cisco Systems, Inc - Santa Clara, CA
Leading bridge/router company. Joined the engineering group to resolve outstanding PC networking issues. Also, designed & installed a full featured Novell server with TCP/IP and NFS. Consolidated the development group machines and configurations. Worked extensively with WFW, Windows NT, TCP/IP, WP Office (Symmetry) and PVCS, just to name a few. Acted as liaison with the main IS organization. Established company policies for PC systems support and configurations.

ASL (Auto Service Leasing) - Munich, Germany
A relatively large car leasing company throughout Germany. Originally I was asked to help qualify external resources for their IT organization. Then I aspired to a Senior Project Manager role (EDV Leiter) helping on a strategic level to set company direction for the future related to IT. I worked closely with a large external strategy consulting firm ( Bain & Company ) and ASL executives to facilitate an IT reorganization. There were several historical problems with the IT group within this firm and they needed a clearly defined strategy and direction. I helped define organizational improvements, set standards, increased communication between management and IT staff, streamlined operations (team building) and assisted in personnel changes. In addition, I was also closely involved with technical decisions involving projects like Euro, Y2K and UI (both short & long term). This was a highly politically charged environment and required a very strong communicator and facilitator. A title which best describes this position is "Professional Catalyst".

Teknekron Software Systems - Palo Alto, CA
Worldwide financial information systems company, primarily UNIX based. Established full development and operations LANs. Traveled to Zurich, Switzerland twice to establish remote development and demonstration LANs. Managed PC to Unix connectivity including PPP & Xterm sessions. Multi-protocol environments: TCP/IP, IPX, NetBios, Etc. Created company wide PC policies. Extensive work with the following packages: Windows 3.1 & Windows for Workgroups, NetManage, OS/2, Windows NT, Novell Netware 3.11, and most Windows applications. Also worked with Sun IPX, Sparc 2 & 10 machines

Bank of America (Corporate Headquarters) - San Francisco, CA
25+ Fileserver environment. 16/4 Token-ring with source routing. Supported 4 floors. Radio dispatched troubleshooting. Network analysis, planning and troubleshooting. Full compliment of LAN/WAN technology including: 3270 & AS/400 Connectivity, Sniffer, Windows 3.1, Print services and Cisco routers. I supported both PS/2 & Compaq platforms (x86) and all mainstream applications including Lotus Notes, ccMail, WordPerfect Office, Etc.

Syntex Labs - Palo Alto, CA
Large Pharmaceutical company, purchased by Hoffman La Roche . 18+ Fileserver environment, 800+ Nodes - Token-Ring with source routing, Macintosh's on an Ethernet cloud. Help Desk environment. Assisted with Novell Netware 3.11 upgrades and implementation. Worked extensively with Windows 3.0, MS-Dos 5.0 and OS/2 including CC-Mail and most mainstream application software. Established backup procedures, resolved memory management problems, installed 3270 software support within Windows. Created "Standards" documents for Dos configuration, Windows setup, and general networking procedures. Resolved hardware conflicts and researched new products. Major duties included network planning, design, and implementation.

Charles Schwab & Co. - San Francisco, CA
Multi-server, multi-location environment. Mixed topologies of Token-Ring and Ethernet. Novell Netware 3.11. Primary responsibilities included product research, network application installations, network performance tuning, memory management issues, remote communications, PC E-Mail installs, SQL Server testing. Extensive OS/2 2.0 installs & testing including Netware requester and 3270 emulation.

Citicorp - Oakland, CA (San Jose, Los Angeles and Arizona)
Installed complete system in Phoenix, AZ from ground up. Netware 3.11 fileserver with 18 nodes. Installed, configured and tested entire system including all scripts, UPS configuration, remote dial-up, backup, and printing. 10-Base-T topology, EISA Fileserver with mirrored 600M drives and intelligent UPS. Upgraded three Netware 286 systems to 386 v3.11. Remote support via modem. IWI Equipment & 27 remote site installations with dialup.

3Com Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Short term (3½ weeks) Focus on Lotus Notes . Install Notes SMTP Gateway and FAX gateway products. Optimize & standardize OS/2 2.1 desktops on 14 servers. Build two additional server for the gateway products and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Installed TCP/IP on OS/2 host for SMTP connections.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) - Redwood Shores, CA
Installed & configured a Netware 3.12 superserver based on a NetFrame 450 platform. Designed volume structures and managed full data migration. Established a Windows NT Advanced Server (NTAS) with SQL Server and configured Netware requester. Configured 30+ Pentium based workstations with Windows for Workgroups (WFW) 3.11 & Netware connectivity. Established remote dialup support and hired replacement contractor. Worked closely with many Windows applications, ie: MicroSoft Access , Crosstalk & Word 6.0 to mention a few! Also traveled to Denton, Texas for further configuration & resolution of network systems.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA)- San Jose, CA
Major cleanup of existing 7 server environment (Netware 3.11) Updated servers with latest patches and solved chronic problems. Evaluated and installed Novell's NFS Gateway product. Evaluated and recommended various TCP/IP client solutions: NetManage Chameleon NFS/X, Lan WorkPlace, WRQ Reflection, Novix by Firefox and PC-NFS. Researched compatibility issues and memory configurations. Also evaluated UnixWare. Worked closely with Oracle SQL*NET products, Sun Sparc 10 & 2 machines, Sequent PT/x and Portable Netware. Also installed a Solaris x86 platform for a SMTP gateway with connectivity to ccMail and the INTERNET. Helped cleanup existing TCP/IP address and masking problems. Established SNMP, DNS and NIS services companywide.

The GAP, Inc. - San Bruno, CA
International retail organization (Banana Republic, GAP Kids, Etc.) OS/2 predominant environment. Helped establish their Lotus Notes PILOT server including dual FDDI ring setup using TCP/IP and Netware Requester. Also assisted in backup strategy and network management facilities/utilities. Cleaned up troublesome network and chronic problems related to ccMail and the Netware Servers. Researched and recommended network management utilities including remote access. Installed and configured dial-in/out modem pool for multiple sites.

Mellon Capitol (Mellon Bank) - San Francisco, CA
Investment management firm, subsidiary of Mellon Bank. Established configuration standards for Windows 95 installations with multi-protocol stacks including PCNFS-Pro and Netware 32bit client. Resolved dialin conflicts for international clients on a USR modem pool and tested various transfer protocol standards. Converted a HDB-uucp installation to Taylor-uucp on Sun Solaris Sparc systems, wrote scripts and supervised cut-over with the vendor. Trained key personnel on system usage and connectivity.

International Imaging Systems - Milpitas, CA
Mixed environment, thin-net & thick-net Ethernet topology with SUN, VAX and Netware on same wire. Primary responsibilities included: Network connectivity with all systems from the PC platform and Netware 3.11 configuration. Multi - protocol environment using TCP/IP and LAT protocols on top of IPX. The primary concern was connections to a special accounting system running on a SUN Sparc Station. There were varied PC platforms including laptops and portables requiring pocket Ethernet adapters, and special hardware considerations. Also handled remote communications and researched LAN growth options for the company.

Nomadic, Inc. - Mt. View, CA
Windows development environment. Alpha/Beta test new Windows product. Fine tune workstations, memory management issues. Netware 3.11 Fileserver with 1 Gig duplexed, 10 Base T, NACS, Access Server and CCMail. Remote dialup support. Re-vamped entire system, including scripts, backup strategy and volume structures.

Gowan - Yuma, AZ
Chemical pesticide company. Full needs analysis, research, install and tuning of Netware 3.11 environment including connectivity to an HP3000 system. 10 Base T system using RACAL Interlan hub. Setup an Access Server for WAN connections through stat-muxs to 5 remote sites. Performance tuning for vertical market package.

Notable Special / Extra Projects

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