Notable Special/Extra Projects

The following projects are either too small by name or too short-term to add to my main CV. Still I believe they are notable for the caliber and/or special circumstances:

EINSTEINet – Hamburg, Germany
Upstart ASP-Provider in Germany, took over a larger firm called Computer Partner (AG) ~450 employees. Offering ASP solutions together with Nortel Networks as a technology partner. My position was Senior Technical Design Authority (TDA) – large data center environment – ASP model using Microsoft Office products (Win2K based) and Citrix Winframe products, Nortel predominant infrastructure with Nokia firewall technology. Other technologies included Sun Microsystems iPlanet, EMC storage, Veritas , Tivoli Systems and private SDH (ATM) backbone infrastructure. I evaluated new technologies, responsible for design issues (network and systems) and some pre-sales support. Researched SAP integration into the datacenter. Performed technical analysis on integration, migration and development issues related to a large datacenter environment.

SportGate (PixelPark) – Berlin, Germany
A venture capital incubator (daughter of PixelPark) called Venture Park needed an interim CTO for a new internet sports portal.Involving four major investors/founders: Boris Becker (German tennis star), Dr. Prof. Helmut Thoma (RTL fame), Paulus Nief ( Pixel Park ) and Manfred von Richthofen (DSB) – I was responsible for all technology related issues (internal and external) – managing external resources (up to 30 person development team) and establishing the internal IT organization (build-out of the group). Negotiated multi-million DM contracts and SLAs, and coordinated the communications between various entities.Executive level decision making, budgeting and involvement.

Berliner VolksBank – Berlin, Germany
One of Europe ’s largest regional banks – with over 125 branch offices. On request of the bank’s Board of Directors, I was brought in as a high-level, independent consultant to analyze a DM 150 Mio. Project to create a broadband network infrastructure for the entire bank (with VoIP services to replace the normal PBXs). They wanted a technical review and audit of the technology and project practices in progress to determine the bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Short term, but very high profile - dealing with the bank’s Senior Executive Management and external vendors like Boston Consulting. Had to present my findings personally to the Board of Directors.

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) – Frankfurt, Germany
UL is an independent, not-for-profit product safety and certification company (equivalent to the German T άV). Over 100 years old, and expanding internationally, the title was interim European IT Manager – Based in Frankfurt , I was responsible for building out the IT infrastructure within Europe , and coordinating the different country IT efforts. I traveled to Denmark , the U.K. and Holland – managed external vendors and facilitated intra-country communications. Worked extensively with Arthur Anderson individuals.

First-E/ENBA – Dublin, Ireland
Hired as interim CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for their Credit Products division. Responsible for building out the IT organizational structure, negotiating with external vendors (SLAs) and establishing development channels. Identifying operational and technical inefficiencies, and working together with the CEO – budgeting for the build out and business development of the new division (specific for credit products and potentially insurance offerings)

Chello Broadband (UPC) – Amsterdam, Holland
Leading European provider of broadband internet access, with a large subscriber base in over 10 countries worldwide. Hired by the CTO, and acting as Senior Program Manager – I was responsible to bring a multi-country open portal (in 5 European languages) together. Coordinate both marketing and technical issues and help identify bottlenecks, and facilitate better inter-project communications.

IBM Thailand/Royal Thai Revenue Dept. Bangkok, Thailand
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