Abbreviated Skill-Set list
(I have worked with ALL versions unless otherwise specified)

Microsoft puts out Win NT/2000/XP, Win95/98/Me, BackOffice, Exchange, SMS, SQL Server, ADS, etc.
Novell puts out Netware (all versions) Access Server, Connect, MPR, NDS, Zenworks, etc.
Lotus puts out Notes, Domino, ccMail, LCS, etc.
Cisco puts out All versions of Cisco IOS, Access routers, SOHO, etc.

Other OS: Linux (most major dist.), Solaris (SunOS), AIX, HP/UX, MAC OS (X), BeOS, OS/2 (Warp), DOS

Databases: Oracle, Sybase, DBII, Ingres, Informix, SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, MySQL, etc.

Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Netbios, NetBeui, Appletalk, XNS, LDAP, SNMP, SMTP, DNS, X.400, X.500, ISDN (PRI//BRI), OSPF, BGP, SAP, NFS, SQL, X.25, SNA, POP3, PPP(Oe), xDSL, IMAP, VPN, RADIUS, Etc.

High-Level Skills:
Cyber Security
ITIL / ITSM / Transition & Transformation
Interims Management (CIO, CISO, CTO)
Needs Analysis / Auditing
Strategic / Management Consulting
Systems Integration/Migration/Deployment
Software Development Management/Strategy
Business Process Analysis
Business WorkFlow / Documentation (DMS, CMS) / Communication
Client/Server topologies / platforms
Internet/Intranet (E/M-Commerce, E-Shop, B2B, B2C, ERP, CRM, security)
Technology Auditing / Documentation
Network Management (SystemView/OpenView, Spectrum, Tivoli, etc.)
Security (Firewalls/Proxies/NAT/Audits)
Messaging (Most mail protocols, clients and server packages IMAP, SMTP)
Telephony/Mobile communications (CTI/Switch/PBX/VoIP/Voice Mail)
Sniffers/Packet Analyzers/Network performance tuning
Network Administration / Consolidation
LAN/WAN Infrastructure (routers, bridges, switches, hubs, gateways, etc.)
Dial in/out access (remote support and VPN)
Groupware / Calendaring / Scheduling
Senior Project Management
Large Scale Deployment / Multi-country / Logistics
Source code tracking (RCS, PVCS, etc.)
Vertical market applications - POS Retail
Data Modeling / Data warehousing

** Multi-cultural experience Native English, proficient German